Marci Barth, Chief Nursing Officer, announces Whitney Troxell, RN, is DAISY Award Winner for Extraordinary Nurses!

It is with great pleasure I announce Whitney Troxell, RN, Monitored Inpatient Care Unit, has been named as Fayette County Hospital's DAISY Award Winner for Extraordinary Nurses!

Whitney's nomination form stated the following:

My mother was a patient at Fayette County Hospital. On her first night stay she got extremely anxious looking for her cell phone. I received a call from her nurse, Whitney, that night and the first thing she said to me was there was no emergency, she just wanted to verify that we had taken my mom's cell phone home. She had looked for it with my mom and then tried to calm her down and wanted to verify that she had told her correctly. The next night my mom got anxious again thinking she needed to call people and Whitney once again called, stating first of all that there was no emergency. She told me that mom was really worked up and thought she needed to call different family members. Mom was actually no longer capable of dialing a phone so I made calls and had family call mom's room. Whitney's effort both nights on behalf of my mom's peace of mind was above caring for her health. By also letting me know both times first off that there was no emergency she was able to ease my mind immediately. When you have a loved one in the hospital and you receive a late night call it is reassuring to be told right off that everything's ok. I still had not met Whitney until one night when my husband and I stopped in for an evening visit and mom was crazy agitated. I had never seen her like this. She was seeing things and hearing things and was angry and mean. She was verbally abusive and could not be calmed by us. I went to find her nurse because I knew the doctor had prescribed her something to help calm her down. Whitney came in to the room she spoke very sweetly to my mom. She told mom that she understood that mom was angry and that she had a right to be. She said that she was a very sweet lady and didn't deserve to be sick like this. She wanted to know what mom would like so that she could be happy at that moment. My mom turned her verbal abuse on this nurse and was not to be placated. I felt terrible for Whitney as mom would not let up on her. Whitney let my mom vent and then spoke to her very nicely. She told mom that she realized that mom didn't like her right now and that she hoped that tomorrow maybe mom would change her mind. No matter, at this moment, she was still going to provide mom with excellent care. She asked mom is she needed anything else before she left the room. I was so impressed with her. Mom's abuse did not affect her attitude and she continued to provide mom with the care each of us can hope for in our time of need. Mom died at home two weeks later. As I remember all that took place, Whitney's compassion and care stands out in my mind and my heart. I have tears now remembering the struggle that night and Whitney's response. Please honor her with the DAISY award for her excellent and compassionate care.