November Employee of the Month

Terry Olmstead, Environmental Services

Terry Olmstead has worked at FCH and LTC since August 1, 2003, and the term WORKED is actually defined by this guy. His great attitude is demonstrated in his interactions with us, his co-workers, and with patients and visitors. He does what he commits to doing, and he speaks only what he knows and/or believes which points to his integrity. He rarely, if ever, says he cannot do what he is asked to do. His kindness exists in every word spoken to all of us. He understands that his work is critical in the big picture, which is our overall success in our organization. Terry's work day-in and day-out helps to shape our culture. A culture of caring and excellence is what we strive for. Remember Fred? How do we get an organization full of Freds? Be a Fred, or in this case, a Terry!