Marci Barth, Chief Nursing Officer, announces Jackie Clay, RN, BSN, MICU/Oncology, is DAISY Award Winner for Extraordinary Nurses!

It is with great pleasure I announce Jackie Clay, RN, BSN, MICU/Oncology, has been named as Fayette County Hospital's DAISY Award Winner for Extraordinary Nurses!

Jackie's nomination form stated the following:

When I think of a nurse who has made a meaningful difference in patient care, I think of Jackie Clay. She is the epitome of a DAISY nurse. Jackie is someone who goes above and beyond EVERY SINGLE DAY. Her patients are always her top priority. Her calmness, her compassion, her knowledge, her smile, her sense of humor are just a few things that makes her a true DAISY nurse. Jackie develops a relationship with her patients like none other. She laughs with them, she cries with them, and she is the support when they need it the most. She consistently inspires others to strive for excellence.

When I think of a Fayette County Hospital nurse, I also think of Jackie Clay. She is known to be one of the most resourceful and skillful nurses at our hospital. She is always looking for ways to improve the quality of care delivered to our patients. She is, and has been, the chair of our Nursing Shared Governance Coordinating Council. This is a passion for her because it empowers nursing staff to deliver the best patient care possible.

Jackie does whatever is needed to ensure her patients are taken care the best way possible. She gives of herself each and every day. No one can deny she makes a difference.

Jackie Clay is deserving of the DAISY award. She has offered so much to our hospital and our patients and their families without assuming recognition. Jackie truly demonstrates what an excellent nurse should be - caring, compassionate, organized, responsible, reliable, knowledgeable, and a leader among her peers. Thank you, Jackie, for being an excellent nurse; for being a DAISY nurse.