Cancer Care Specialists Mobile Pharmacy

Fayette County Hospital and Cancer Care Specialists announce partnership for a new mobile unit for mixing chemo drugs....

Greg Starnes, Chief Executive Officer of Sarah Bush Lincoln Fayette County Hospital and Long Term Care has announced that Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois, the group to which Dr. Philip Dy belongs, has developed and purchased a mobile compounding pharmacy that will be parked at the hospital on the days that Dr. Dy is here providing care to oncology patients. The chemotherapy drugs will be mixed in the mobile compounding pharmacy rather than mixed elsewhere and then transported to the hospital already mixed. "This is the first unit of its kind in the United States," according to Dr. Dy from Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois. The benefits are significant.

Until now, the chemo drugs have been mixed at the Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois Effingham location and then transported to Fayette County Hospital each day that Dr. Dy treats patients. On days when patients are scheduled there are times when some patients are unable to keep their appointments for various reasons, including not feeling well, dehydration, low blood counts or various other issues. Chemotherapy drugs, some of which are extremely expensive, that have been transported to the hospital for use with those patients are then no longer needed, and they must be disposed of, thereby contributing to a waste of resources and the high cost of health care. With the mobile compounding pharmacy, the chemo will not be mixed until the patients are at the hospital, and the proper dosages have been determined by Dr. Dy. Additionally, compounding drugs on site may allow patients better access to clinical trials offering investigational treatments for these patients in a setting closer to their residences.

Greg Starnes, CEO of Sarah Bush Lincoln Fayette County Hospital, stated that, "Not only are there high costs for the drugs themselves, but there are also significant costs to pay a company to properly dispose of the wasted drugs. To avoid those costs is a very smart decision made by Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois, and we are happy to partner with them in this endeavor."

Sarah Bush Lincoln Fayette County Hospital is a District Hospital located in Fayette County, Illinois.

Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois is an Oncology Physician group that provides medical care to oncology patients and is headquartered in Decatur, Illinois.